Strategic transformation:

Strategy development: we develop powerful narratives that respond to market developments and set a compelling direction for organisations. We establish a clear set of priorities that are customer-centric; incorporate technology, data, and priority markets; and generate profits and value. We define a realistic roadmap to help our clients.

Transformation design: we help clients think about the future of their business in the international context, about how they can deliver well-defined strategic objectives;

Transformation delivery: we help clients build better aligned and more effective organisations able to operate confidently in a range of global and specific international contexts;

Stakeholder mapping, engagement and partnerships: we identify who clients need to work and engage with, and design practical approaches and plans for engagement. We help implement these plans in innovative ways.

Operating model: we build the capabilities that the organisation needs to achieve its strategy;

Organisation design: we align structure, roles and accountabilities to other, interconnected elements of organisations’ operating models, including processes, data, IT, governance, performance measures, and culture;

Change Management: we help prepare organisations to transition to a desired future state. We work within the cultural context and values framework of the organisation to ensure benefits are realised and time and cost impacts are minimised, whilst developing self-sustaining mechanisms for long term success;

SDGs: We incorporate the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into strategies, policies and procedures.