SYM Consulting offers:


We help organisations engage internationally, build bridges and develop lasting relationships. We specialise in helping clients move from an initial interest in developing their international presence, through the process of developing a strategy, to taking it forward with a clear understanding of what is involved in specific contexts.


We specialise in contextual mapping combined with tailored training and development as a way to ensure that  the organisation has the capacity and human resources it needs for successful international engagement.


We offer advice, support, evidence and analysis to help clients develop their global networks. We help build organisational cultures that work effectively and confidently across borders. 


As we have a strong commitment to sustainability, we work with clients to develop lasting, mutually beneficial, relationships and networks.  To do this we identify local networks of support for our clients to help them deal with the wide range of issues they will face from red tape to engaging successfully in cultures and contexts they may not be familiar with.



Case studies


Education: the Johannes Gutenberg Universität (JGU) Mainz wished to develop its internationalisation strategy by restructuring its “Scotland Hub”. The Hub today acts as the focal point for Scotland-related research activities at the JGU, and has contributed to the development of deeper and more extensive academic collaborations since its foundation in 2015.


Cultural mapping: with the support of EUNIC Global, a small-scale project was developed to map cultural relations between the EU and Morocco. The project was innovative in identifying the importance of mapping relationships rather than traditional cultural “assets”..