SYM Consulting offers:


We evaluate the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impacts, outcomes and added value of a wide range of programmes and policies in such areas as culture in foreign policy, strategic communications, cultural policy, digital strategies, educational and sports policy. We have particular expertise in the evaluation of the qualitative and non-financial aspects of interventions.


We prepare evidence for decision-makers on the advantages and disadvantages of policy options and their likely economic, social and cultural impacts including on fundamental rights. 


These help public and private sector clients to decide whether or not to go ahead with a particular initiative. This usually  involves an assessment of the proposal in relation to its goals, its costs and benefits and an analysis of the strategic context, as well as financial and other aspects.


Case studY


SYM Consulting conducted a study for EUNIC (EU National Institutes of Culture) to assess progress in collaboration between EUNIC members as a positive contribution to EU policy. Findings and recommendations were presented to the EUNIC General Assembly in Paris, June, 2018.

The report and presentation reported on progress since an initial baseline review of the extent of collaboration between EIUNIC Members carried out in 2015.

By taking a longitudinal view of evaluation, it was possible to identify where real progress had been made, and where work remained to be done.