SYM Consulting offers:


We develop digital strategies for organisations working in international cultural relations around the world to support their strategic use of digital and social media in the hyper-connected 21stcentury.


We work with leading research institutions to develop ethical, trusted, governance and frameworks for data collection, analysis and sharing in order to develop better understandings of the global digital world. 


We explore the potentials of new technologies such as blockchain and AI to support human flourishing through their application to understanding influence and global cultures.


We offer specialist support through workshops and bespoke training packages.


We work with organisations as a ‘critical friend’ to provide ongoing support.


Case studY


The idea of a Digital Index of Global Influence (DIGI) was researched and developed for the British Council with a range of international partners. SYMC carried out a literature review and engaged with leading thinkers and practitioners through workshops and surveys. 

The DIGI project would, if realised, be genuinely disruptive. It would use existing data sources, and analyse them via an AI application, using an academically-based large-scale computing facility and innovative digital methods, in order to monitor flows of influence in the digital space. 

This would, it is thought, help with the development of policy and strategy for international influence, and to develop an idea of comparative performance.

It would take its place alongside other existing indices, particularly other data-driven indices that report on progress towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Work on the project is ongoing.